“You gotta be knowin’, where your money is goin!”
– Andy Stanley

That’s all a budget is… Knowing where your money is spent and controlling if it is spent.


The third of what I have deemed The 3 Financial Keys is to spend wisely. That’s right, spend wisely not just spend the rest! Have control over what you spend. Yes, that means creating a budget. Having a budget is no different than a pilot having his flight plans or a teacher having their lesson plans or a runner having their training plan. A budget is a plan that you put in place so that your money is spent where it is supposed to be spent… It is that simple, and if you get off track, you will know exactly how it happened.

Case In Point:  Is having $500,000 enough for retirement? It depends on whether you are spending $60,000 per year vs. $30,000. Cash Flow Matters!

Cash flow planning is the key here. This helps to build a retirement income plan. It helps to plan for accumulation and wealth building. It helps you build a family budget and plan to live according to your values. If you control the cash, you control the stash. You control your destiny and the achievement of your goals.

Common questions that come up throughout all of our lives… Each of these situations is best customized to your own priorities by working with a comprehensive financial consultant or coach.

  • How and when should I start saving for college?
  • How do I buy a car without borrowing the money?
  • How do I make the most out of my 401(k)?
  • Why is a budget so important and seem so hard?
  • I just left my job, should I rollover my 401(k)?
  • When should I retire, and how can I maintain similar income in retirement?

Quick Tip: Use Cash –
Have you ever realized that you spend a whole lot less when you have cash in your pocket? If you have trained yourself to control your cash. Debit cards and credit cards can displace the reality of what you are really spending.