Giving by American individuals, bequests, foundations and corporations surged to an  estimated $410.02 billion to charitable causes in 2017. Giving exceeded $400 billion for the first time in a single year… 
                    – Study by the Indiana University, Lilly School of Philanthropy

The study went on to mention that giving increased 5.2 percent over the revised 2016 total of $389.64 billion.


Have you ever noticed that one of the common threads of the “ultra wealthy” is charitable giving? Some would try to diminish this fact and say that of course they are charitable… They have the resources. I would dare to challenge back this notion by suggesting that even at a modest stage, the act of putting others before yourself (within your budget) has an amazing affect on the rest of your life.

This concept is an age old foundation depicted in the Bible many times over. Think about it… If the first thing you do is carve out a percentage of your take home earnings to help others or honor your creator and HIS work, while remembering to be very diligent about the next part which is saving, then you will reap the benefit of controlling your money instead of it controlling you.

Notice that I didn’t mention a specific dollar amount; I said percentage. Just as the Bible teaches to “tithe” (meaning a tenth), other resources also identify starting with 10% as a good goal. So, it’s a relative sacrifice no matter your income.

CHALLENGE Give to your local church; assuming yours is financially sound and follows the principles it teaches. If you aren’t there yet, then pick a charity that follows a passion of yours and has a mission to positively impact others. It’s amazing what happens when you create a habit out of this. Personally, I have seen this blessing amplified many times over!