Financial Fitness Programs


Our team mission is to help you simplify and balance the demands of managing your business or family finances to enable you to pursue your vision of the future. This is accomplished by working together to build a respected financial strategy. Our team then guides you with motivating action to achieve your goals.


  1. Basic Financial Fitness
  2. Financial Bootcamp
  3. Financial Fitness Stretch
  4. 2nd Opinion Financial Fitness Assessment
  5. Your CFFO (Chief Financial Fitness Officer)
  6. Private Client Coaching

With each of these programs, we assess your overall financial fitness in the following areas to identify and enhance your current position:

  • Insurance and Risk Management Assessment
  • Retirement Readiness-401(k), IRA and Retirement Planning Review
  • Investment Management and Asset Allocation
  • Cash Flow Planning/Budget Review


  1. Business Owner Strategy Session (BOSS)
  2. Your CFFO (Chief Financial Fitness Officer)
  3. Financial Fitness Fiduciary Evaluation

With each business owner, we offer comprehensive planning in the following areas:

  • 401(k) Planning
  • Cash Balance/Pension Planning
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Asset Protection & Diversification

Understanding your current financial health helps you assess where you are today and helps propel you to where you want to go. Our team uses a client-centric process focused on pursuing specific milestones that we create together. Our comprehensive, six-step Financial Fitness Assessments are designed to help identify your needs, implement your strategy and monitor it regularly to help you stay on course.

Create a plan to gain the understanding that money is a tool. Learn how to effectively use and control it. Having a budget is no different than a pilot having his flight plans or a teacher having her lesson plans or a runner having her training plan. A budget is a plan that you put in place so that your money is spent where it is supposed to be spent.

Leave a legacy of controlling money… not letting it control your family or business. Enjoy the present while allowing your money to provide for the future. Having a budget allows you to spend time doing what you have identified as most important to you. Live firmly in the here and now, confident that the future is well managed. When money does not control you, financial freedom can become a reality.

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